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CLEO Advantage (Short and Fast Tanning)

A range of Philips Cleo Advantage (Short and Fast Tanning) Fluorescent Sunbed Tubes which have 2 pins at each end. These Linear Lamps are available in UVA and RUVA versions and offer up to 800 Hours consisitent output. They produce up to 50% more effective tanning performance than conventional lamps. This new range of Philips Sunbed Tubes open new opportunities for Professional Tanning Studios to offer their customers the benefits of extremely rapid tanning with shorter tanning sessions. 

CLEO Advantage (Short and Fast Tanning) Continued

Cleo Advantage Tubes feature Philips Open Glass Technology, and are the fastest, most effective tanning lamps in the CLEO range. Since these lamps deliver extremely short tanning times, it is essential that tanning schedules and times for sun beds equipped with them are carefully adjusted. They offer a very effective, immediate and long-lasting pigmentation. Due to their high UV output, a wonderfully dark tan is reached within a short amount of time.

Colour temperature; Colour 209 (Blue).
Wattages; 80w, 100w, 140w, 160w and 225 watt.
Cap; G13 Double Ended.
Diameter; 38mm.

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