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Coloured Halogen Light Bulbs

Welcome to our range of Blue, Amber, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Magenta and Pink halogen Light Bulbs.; a fantastic selection of Coloured Halogen Lamps emitting vibrant and vivid colour recreation. These lamps come in a choice of GU10 (50mm diameter) and MR16 (50mm diameter) versions each a high intensity light source with exceptional colour rendering properties and high lumen maintenance throughout the 2,500 hour life of the bulb.

Coloured Halogen Light Bulbs Continued

The coloured halogen lamp is a versatile lamp, primarily used for decorative, display and atmospheric lighting applications; stage lighting, festive, Halloween and wedding celebrations, retail displays, garden illumination, museums and art galleries and hotel and restaurant lighting. Although not as energy efficient as the LED light bulb the Halogen lamp still offers many benefits, not the least of which is its affordability and the fact that it lasts more than twice as long as an incandescent bulb.

Turn Your Mood To Sweetness and Light With Coloured Bulbs from BLT Direct

If you’re looking for an uplifting antidote to the winter blues, clever use of coloured light bulbs can transform a plain space into a relaxing urban retreat. Introducing mood lighting doesn&...

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Bring a Little Colour into Your Life with BLT Direct!

Is your life looking a little gray? Does your home seem drab and uninspiring at the moment? Why not add some pizzazz back into your world by using coloured light bulbs from BLT Direct and bring a s...

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Recently Viewed Products

300mm Fluorescent T5 Germicidal Tube 8 Watt
QuickFind #: 1480
Part Number: FL8GER
£11.77 inc. VAT
Philips UV Fly Killer 8 Watt 12
QuickFind #: 37153
Part Number: TPX8-12
£4.69 inc. VAT
PlusLamp UV Fly Killer 8 Watt 12
QuickFind #: 37185
Part Number: TVX8-12
£3.36 inc. VAT
Lumen: 3600 lm
90-240V 595mm x 595mm 45W LED Panel Light (Cool White)
QuickFind #: 37633
Part Number: LED600x600
£47.99 inc. VAT
Eterna 60 Watt S15 Dual Voltage Shaver Light
QuickFind #: 29711
Part Number: SH60DVO
£18.50 inc. VAT
PLL Compact Fluorescent Lamp 40 Watt Cool White 840
QuickFind #: 4912
Part Number: PLL40W4P840
£5.88 inc. VAT
Lumen: 110 lm
Prolite 1.2W LED G4 Capsule Very Warm White (10 Watt Alternative)
QuickFind #: 38850
Part Number: G4/LED/1.2W...
£3.84 inc. VAT
2000 Watt Halogen Linear 334mm 240 Volt
QuickFind #: 424
Part Number: K6
£10.75 inc. VAT
2000 Watt Halogen Linear 331mm 240 Volt
QuickFind #: 423
Part Number: K8
£10.75 inc. VAT
BAG Electronics
BAG Non-Dimmable Single 18-26W Multi-Lamp Electrical Ballast
QuickFind #: 36105
Part Number: BAG10050996
£23.04 inc. VAT

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