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9 Watt Energy Saving GU10 Light Bulbs

The variety offered by GU10

When looking at light bulbs it is not often that one type of lamp base provides such a diversity and number of quality bulbs. This however is the case with the range of GU10 lightbulbs available fr...

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GU10 A No Brainer

We are all aware these days of our effect on, and our responsibility towards the environment. There are now many solutions on the market that help us reduce our carbon footprint, particularly in co...

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Save Energy, Time and Money with GU10 Light bulbs from BLT Direct

If you're planning to move home, re-furbish or re-decorate your house this summer; now is the perfect time to integrate an energy saving solution into your interior. The low energy, low cost GU10 l...

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Setting the Scene with Energy Saving GU10 Light bulbs from BLT

When decorating your home, each room will no doubt have its own personality, and the key to creating the perfect ambience is the appropriate lighting to match the mood of a room. Kitchens will requ...

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