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Halogen Tubular Light Bulbs

The Halogen Halolux Light Bulb is an ideal retrofit replacement for an incandescent lamp that is energy efficient and longer lasting. This tubular halogen lamp has an Edison Screw or Small Bayonet Cap base that simply fits into existing mains voltage lamp holders.

Halogen Tubular Light Bulbs Continued

No transformer is required and you will receive instant savings of 20% in energy usage compare to an incandescent bulb. Furthermore this light source lasts twice as long, at 2000 hours, contains no mercury, aiding lamp disposal and the environment and features a UV filter.

The quality of light emitted is superior to that of a conventional bulb and this lamp is also 100% dimmable. Measuring 105mm x 32mm the halogen tubular bulb is more compact than an ordinary bulb. Halogen light output is renowned for its great colour rendering, so combined with all the aforementioned benefits this lamp is a good choice for general illumination, mood lighting, restaurant, hotel and domestic lighting applications.

Will the European Commission Vote to Delay Halogen Light Bulb Ban?

BLT Direct examine the decision by the European Commission to hold a vote on whether to delay the halogen light bulb ban.

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