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JD Halogen E27 Tubular Light Bulbs

The Edison Screw E27/ES light bulb is the most well-known and popular screw fit cap type on the market. Here you can see our range of Edison Screw JD Tungsten Halogen Lamps, in a choice off wattages, all running off mains voltage. This lamp is an ideal replacement for a standard incandescent bulb saving up to 20% in energy usage and lasting twice as long with its 2000 hour lamp life.


150 Watt JD Tungsten Halogen 240 Volt E27
150 Watt JD Tungsten Halogen 240 Volt E27
QuickFind #: 7806
Part Number: JD240150E27
£9.24 inc. VAT

JD Halogen E27 Tubular Light Bulbs Continued

The halogen light source is renowned as creating ultra-bright, crisp white light that offers excellent colour rendition and contrast together with good lumen maintenance. This halogen bulb is suitable for a host of applications, from pendant lighting, to retail and museum and restaurant and domestic lighting. Furthermore this light source is fully dimmable adding to its versatility as a decorative or atmospheric lighting solution. The JD Halogen bulb is a high intensity, high performance lamp that is very affordable and simple to replace.

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