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30 Watt LED Flood Lights

Could Light Bulbs Soon Fight Jet Lag?

Did you know that most white LEDs are not actually white? It’s actually an optical illusion created by using a blue diode with a small amount of yellow light on the tip. These colours complement one another within the light spectrum and seeing them together tricks your brain into believing that it is white light.

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BLT Direct Calls on Brits to Make Eco-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions

Britain’s number one lighting solutions retailer is calling on the UK to ring in the New Year with an eco-friendly conscience and make the switch to LED bulbs...

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Top 10 Reasons to Switch to LED - As Revealed by BLT Direct

Leading UK lighting retailer BLT Direct is urging the UK to make the switch to LED bulbs as part of this push, and has set out a list of 10 reasons why every Brit should get on-board the LED lighting bandwagon...

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Black and White LED Floodlights Now in Stock at BLT Direct

BLT Direct have proven once more that they have their finger on the pulse of all the latest trends and developments in the world of lighting. The UK’s leading online supplier of lighting solutions has introduced a range of black and white-finish LED flood lights to fill out their existing collection, to ensure that everyone wanting to fill a large area with bright light will have a wider selection to choose from.

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BLT Direct’s LED Flood Lights Are Ideal for Commercial Cost-Cutting

BLT's range of LED floodlights is helping businesses save hundreds on their energy bills.

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Thomas Edison Monument Finally Makes the Switch to LED Light Bulbs

In a definitive symbol of the LEDs new-found status as the world’s favourite lighting solution, a Thomas Edison monument will reopen in summer illuminated not by incandescent bulbs, but energy-efficient LED alternatives.

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