LED Flood Lights

Introducing the LED Floodlight, a super energy efficient, robust, reliable economical lighting solution for a diverse range of outdoor applications. Traditionally, energy hungry halogen and incandescent light sources have dominated the market when it comes to floodlighting, but this has changed. LED Floodlights offer instant savings in energy usage of up to 90%, a lamp life of up to 50,000 hours, excellent light output and very good colour rendering.

LED Flood Lights Continued

These lamps come in a whole host of colours and colour temperatures, including colour changing, on top of a choice of wattages that ranges between 10W and 200 Watts (20-1260W equivalent).

Each LED floodlight is of the highest quality, is shatter resistant and perfectly designed for specific applications; Solar Powered Floodlights can illuminate anything from driveways to outbuildings with no power supply, whilst Coloured floodlights are ideal for building and garden illumination, event and display lighting. Or what about Movement Sensor lamps perfect for the security conscious or Slimline lamps for space limiting applications. Whatever your requirement there is an LED Floodlight best suited to your needs.

Thomas Edison Monument Finally Makes the Switch to LED Light Bulbs

In a definitive symbol of the LEDs new-found status as the world’s favourite lighting solution, a Thomas Edison monument will reopen in summer illuminated not by incandescent bulbs, but energy-efficient LED alternatives.

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BLT Direct’s LED Flood Lights Are Ideal for Commercial Cost-Cutting

BLT's range of LED floodlights is helping businesses save hundreds on their energy bills.

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Great Service ebven when some bulds arrived defective. Chnaged out no problems.