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2.5 Watt LED G4/G9 Capsule Light Bulbs

Lumen: 200 lm
Prolite 2.5W G9 LED Capsule Very Warm White (25 Watt Alternative)
QuickFind #: 38686
Part Number: G9/LED/2.5W/3K
£3.59 inc. VAT
Lumen: 230 lm
Prolite 2.5W G9 LED Capsule Daylight (25 Watt Alternative)
QuickFind #: 38848
Part Number: G9/LED/2.5W...
£3.59 inc. VAT

Super-Efficient LED Capsule Lights from BLT Direct

Conventional halogen light bulbs are slowly but surely being forced out of circulation, with EU legislation ensuring that manufacture of 60w bulbs has already been halted in the UK and many other m...

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