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Lilliput LES Light Bulbs

A range of Lilliput LES Miniature Incandescent Light bulbs.These lamps are primarily uses in Panel Lighting, Cycle lamps and Backlighting applications. They have an average life of between 5000 Hours and 10000 Hours, depending on the lamp.

Lilliput 6 Volt 60ma LES Light Bulb
QuickFind #: 10984
Part Number: LILLI/6V/60MA
£1.36 inc. VAT
Lilliput 12 Volt 80ma LES Light Bulb
QuickFind #: 10985
Part Number: LILLI/12V/80MA
£1.36 inc. VAT
Lilliput 12 Volt 120ma LES Light Bulb
QuickFind #: 10986
Part Number: LILLI/12V/1...
£1.36 inc. VAT
Lilliput 14 Volt 50ma LES Light Bulb
QuickFind #: 10987
Part Number: LILLI/14V/50MA
£1.36 inc. VAT
Lilliput 24 Volt 40ma LES Light Bulb
QuickFind #: 10988
Part Number: LILLI/24V/40MA
£1.36 inc. VAT
Lilliput 28 Volt 40ma LES Light Bulb
QuickFind #: 10989
Part Number: LILLI/28V/40MA
£1.36 inc. VAT

Lilliput LES Light Bulbs Continued

Colour temperature; 830 (Warm White).
Amps; 40mA, 50mA, 60mA, 80mA and 120 milliamps.
Cap; LES (Lilliput Edison Screw).
Diameter; 5.1mm.

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