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MBFU (40mm GES Cap)

Detailed below is our range of MBFU Mercury Fluorescent Light Bulbs with a GES/E40 (Giant Edison Screw) base which operate on an external magnetic ballast. This range of standard elliptical shaped lamps is suitable for car park, petrol station and rail and dock yard lighting solutions. These robust MBFU lamps feature an average life of approximately 8000 hours.

Mercury 250 watt GES
Mercury 250 watt GES
QuickFind #: 5305, Part Number: MBFU250 Alternative Codes: MBFU250 MB250 G003 250MBF
£9.59 inc. VAT
Mercury 400 watt GES
Mercury 400 watt GES
QuickFind #: 5306, Part Number: MBFU400 Alternative Codes: MBFU400 MB400 FWALL sylvania MBFU 400GES
£9.30 inc. VAT
Mercury 700 watt GES
Mercury 700 watt GES
QuickFind #: 5307, Part Number: MBFU700 Alternative Codes: MBFU700 MBFU 700 GES MB700 G003
£33.54 inc. VAT
Mercury 1000 watt GES
Mercury 1000 watt GES
QuickFind #: 5308, Part Number: MBFU1000 Alternative Codes: MBFU1000 MB1KLV
£39.59 inc. VAT
Mercury 125 Watt GES
Mercury 125 Watt GES
QuickFind #: 8192, Part Number: MBFU125 Alternative Codes: MBFU125 MB125G G002
£13.57 inc. VAT
Mercury HSL/T400W GES
Mercury HSL/T400W GES
QuickFind #: 9567, Part Number: MBU400 Alternative Codes: MBU400
£56.80 inc. VAT

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