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Philips MASTER MHN-LA Metal Halide Lamps

These lamps produce High Light Output for their size, making them a Compact, Powerful, and Efficient Light Source. These lamps operate under High Pressure and Temperature. They are a Very Compact, Long Arc version with Superior Colour Rendering and are RoHS Compliant.

Philips MASTER MHN-LA Metal Halide Lamps Continued

They are most commonly used in the following applcations; Exhibition Centres, Stadiums, Ports, Building Sites, Airports and Sports Facilites for Floodlighting.

Colour temperatures;
840 (Cool White) and 860 (Daylight).
Wattages; 1000w and 2000 watt.
Cap; X830R.
Shape; Double Ended.
Voltages; 220-240v and 380-440 volts.

Metal Halide Information

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Lamp Disposal

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