Photographic Light Bulbs

Photographic Light Bulbs

Detailed below is our range of replacement Photographic Lamps, each a specialist light source featuring application specific cap/base types. Photographic light bulbs come in many shapes; GLS, Capsule, Double Ended, and Reflector. Applications for these light sources include backdrop and display lighting, flash photography, darkroom, theatre and studio lighting. 

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Lumen: 7500 lm
P1/1E No 1 Photoflood ES PF207/ES 275 watt
QuickFind #: 1515
Part Number: P1/1E
£5.99 inc. VAT
P1/12 Photographic Lamp 1000 watt R7s 120 V
QuickFind #: 1518
Part Number: P1/12
£13.79 inc. VAT
P1/12 Photographic Lamp 1000 watt R7s 230 V
QuickFind #: 1519
Part Number: P1/12
£13.79 inc. VAT
P1/13 Photographic Lamp 650 watt G6.35 120 V
QuickFind #: 1520
Part Number: P1/13
£12.14 inc. VAT
P1/13 Photographic Lamp 650 watt G6.35 240 V
QuickFind #: 1521
Part Number: P1/13
£12.14 inc. VAT
P1/15 Photographic Lamp 1000 watt G6.35 120 V
QuickFind #: 1523
Part Number: P1/15
£7.19 inc. VAT
P1/15 Photographic Lamp 1000 watt G6.35 240 V
QuickFind #: 1524
Part Number: P1/15
£15.35 inc. VAT
P1/23 Photographic Lamp 300 watt GX6.35
QuickFind #: 1526
Part Number: P1/23
£12.14 inc. VAT
P2/1 PF308 Photopearl Lamp 500 watt 240 volt
QuickFind #: 5427
Part Number: P2/1
£11.99 inc. VAT
P2/7 EKM 240 V 1000 watt
QuickFind #: 5429
Part Number: P2/7
£10.60 inc. VAT
P2/11 EME (clear) Spacelight 800W 240V
QuickFind #: 5431
Part Number: P2/11 EME
£5.99 inc. VAT
P2/11 EMF (frosted) Spacelight 800W 240V
QuickFind #: 5432
Part Number: P2/11 EMF
£9.28 inc. VAT
P2/12 ELL Northlight 1250W 240V
QuickFind #: 5433
Part Number: P2/12
£10.91 inc. VAT
P2/13 DXX 800w 240V
QuickFind #: 5434
Part Number: P2/13
£10.42 inc. VAT
P2/16 EYN 650W 240V
QuickFind #: 5435
Part Number: P2/16
£19.19 inc. VAT
P2/17 EYM 1000W 240V
QuickFind #: 5436
Part Number: P2/17
£21.47 inc. VAT
P2/20 7786R 1000W 240V
QuickFind #: 5437
Part Number: P2/20
£9.64 inc. VAT
P2/35 13704 1000W 240V
QuickFind #: 5438
Part Number: P2/35
£12.41 inc. VAT
Lumen: 1150 lm
P3/3 Photocresnta 75W 240V
QuickFind #: 5439
Part Number: P3/3BC
£7.68 inc. VAT
Lumen: 1150 lm
P3/3 Photocresnta 75W 240V ES
QuickFind #: 5440
Part Number: P3/3ES
£11.99 inc. VAT
Lumen: 6500 lm
P3/6 250w 240v ES
QuickFind #: 5443
Part Number: P3/6
£19.93 inc. VAT
P3/10 13165 Tri-One 35w 14v
QuickFind #: 5444
Part Number: P3/10
£17.04 inc. VAT
P2/27 2000W 240V RX7s
QuickFind #: 8553
Part Number: P2/27
£38.39 inc. VAT
Osram 64502 150W Photographic Capsule Lamp
QuickFind #: 9266
Part Number: 64502-OSRAM
£14.50 inc. VAT
Yellow Green PF710B BC 240v
QuickFind #: 10086
Part Number: YEL/GRE/PF710B
£9.26 inc. VAT
P2/11 EJC (frosted) 800W 240V
QuickFind #: 11031
Part Number: P2/11 EJC
£15.59 inc. VAT
P2/20 ELL Northlight 1000W 240V
QuickFind #: 11672
Part Number:
£13.19 inc. VAT
Graph-X Universal Photoprinting Lamp
QuickFind #: 12170
Part Number: GRAPH-X
£286.80 inc. VAT
Lumen: 7500 lm
P1/1B No 1 Photoflood BC PF207/BC 275 watt
QuickFind #: 12391
Part Number: P1/1B
£10.19 inc. VAT
Darkroom Safelight Red 15 Watt BC
QuickFind #: 22671
Part Number: DARKROOM/RE...
£19.19 inc. VAT
P2/10 TV Studio Lamp 650 watt 240V
QuickFind #: 22985
Part Number: P2/10
£9.70 inc. VAT
Osram 64505 200W Photographic Capsule Lamp
QuickFind #: 23468
Part Number: 64505-0SRAM
£9.44 inc. VAT

Photographic Light Bulbs Continued

Photographic specific light sources are essential for creating the correct ambience, light level, diffusion, and filtering and development conditions to produce the perfect image. From Yellow Green GLS to Northlight R7s, Ultra Violet Reflectors to Clear Spacelights and so much more, you will find it here. Please click on your required product for full and detailed specifications, including lumen output, application, dimensions, voltage, shape and lamp life.

We make every effort in answering your questions. Below is a list of those questions we are frequently asked. Please consult these before contacting us. Click on a question below to reveal its answer.

How Can I Dispose Of My Light Bulbs And Batteries?

As Hazardous Waste Products which contain dangerous chemicals including Mercury and Lead, used Low Energy Light Bulbs and batteries must be disposed of in a safe and appropriate manner. Energy Saving Light Bulbs cannot be placed in Glass Recycling...

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Can I Touch The Glass On Halogen Light Bulbs when changing them?

It is a good idea to try not to touch the Glass on Halogen Light Bulbs, even when changing the bulb. This is because when you touch a Halogen Light Bulb, you leave behind a residue on the Light Bulb which can in time cause the bulb to heat up unev...

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