Photographic Light Bulbs

Photographic Light Bulbs

A range os Specialist Photographic Light Bulbs.

Wattages; 15w, 35w, 75w, 150w, 259w, 275w, 300w, 500w, 650w, 800w, 1000w, 1250w and 2000 watt.

Caps; BC (Bayonet Cap), ES (Edison Screw), G6.35/GY6.35, GU4/GZ4 and R7s/RX7s.

Shapes; Capsule, Double Ended, Reflector/Spotlight and Standard GLS.

Voltages; 120v and 220-240 volts.

Applications; Backdrop Lighting, Display Lighting, Flash Photography, Darkroom and Studio Lighting.

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