PLT Compact 4 Pin

As a compact fluorescent lamp the PLT 4 pin light source is an energy efficient, cost effective lighting solution suitable for a host of general and specific lighting solutions. Compared to a conventional incandescent light source the PLT lamp is a very efficient lighting solution that saves up to 60% in energy usage and lasts up to 15,000 hours. Furthermore, the quality of light emitted is superior and is also fully dimmable down to 10%. 

PLT Compact 4 Pin Continued

The 4 pin version of the PLT lamp operates on electronic control gear that offers instant start technology and flicker-free operation. As this is a specialist light source please ensure you have the correct cap/base type when replacing failed lamps.

The colour temperatures available ranging from warm to cool white and daylight, which combined with the dimming capability of this lamp, create a host of possible lighting solutions and atmospheres. From a warm white, relaxing output to the crisp natural daylight simulation of the Daylight lamp you can relax in a hotel environment or work in a creative printing studio. These lamps are rated between 13W and 57 Watts (40-150w equivalent) are reliable, robust and unobtrusive due to their compact dimensions.

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What Colour Temperature Do I Need?

Selecting the right colour temperature for you is a process which requires a degree of careful consideration. The colour temperature of a Light Bulb is a way of describing the colour of the light given off by the Light Bulb, and is measured in Kelvin…

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How Can I Dispose Of My Light Bulbs And Batteries?

As Hazardous Waste Products which contain dangerous chemicals including Mercury and Lead, used Low Energy Light Bulbs and batteries must be disposed of in a safe and appropriate manner. Energy Saving Light Bulbs cannot be placed in Glass Recycling Ba…

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My Compact Fluorescent code doesn’t match to your website… Help?

Finding the correct replacement compact fluorescent lamps can be confusing and the best way to find the bulbs is to break down the code on the lamp. In this instance we will be looking at a Phillips PLC, the code on the lamp is 'PLC10W2P827'. The PL…

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Why are the plastic lugs on my Compact Fluorescent lamp in a different position?

The plastic lugs dictate what base type they are, when buying a new CFL you need to insure that these are the same or it will not fit. See our examples of different base types. Product Code Wattage Image G24d-1

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