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Detailed below is a range of Incandescent Striplights that feature a Double Ended S15 base fitting and measure 25mm in diameter. In a choice of lengths this traditional light source is designed for use in under-shelf, ceiling striplight and pelmet lighting applications. The Fireglow incandescent striplight is for installation in electric fires to create a warm flame effect glow. These incandescent linear lamps offer an average 1000 to 2000 hour lifespan.

Bell Lighting
Striplight 30 watt 221mm Clear
QuickFind #: 1267
Part Number: STRIP30CL221
£2.54 inc. VAT
Striplight 30 watt 221mm Opal
QuickFind #: 1268
Part Number: STRIP30OP222
£2.54 inc. VAT
Striplight 30 watt 284mm Clear
QuickFind #: 1269
Part Number: STRIP30CL284
£2.54 inc. VAT
Striplight 30 watt 284mm Opal
QuickFind #: 1270
Part Number: STRIP30OP284
£2.54 inc. VAT
Striplight 60 watt 221mm Clear
QuickFind #: 1271
Part Number: STRIP60CL221
£2.54 inc. VAT
Striplight 60 watt 221mm Opal
QuickFind #: 1272
Part Number: STRIP60OP222
£1.19 inc. VAT
Striplight 60 watt 284mm Clear
QuickFind #: 1273
Part Number: STRIP60CL284
£2.54 inc. VAT
Striplight 60 watt 284mm Opal
QuickFind #: 1274
Part Number: STRIP60OP284
£2.54 inc. VAT
Striplight 30 watt 284mm Fireglow
QuickFind #: 1277
Part Number: STRIP30FIRE284
£7.91 inc. VAT
Striplight 60 watt 284mm Fireglow
Product RatingProduct RatingProduct RatingProduct RatingProduct Rating
QuickFind #: 1278
Part Number: STRIP60FIRE284
£7.91 inc. VAT
Striplight 60 watt 310mm Opal
QuickFind #: 10688
Part Number: STRIP60O310
£10.03 inc. VAT

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