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Vossloh Schwabe Ballasts & Ignitors

Vossloh Schwabe has been developing and manufacturing lighting controls for over 85 years, bringing to the market a strong product range of Ballasts and Ignitors, Gearboxes and Chokes that boast reliable performance and a long service life.

Vossloh Schwabe Ballasts & Ignitors Continued

Offering cost-effective and all round solutions for fluorescent, compact fluorescent, sodium, mercury and metal halide lamps their portfolio includes electronic and magnetic gear. Our range of electronic gear for T5, T8 and CFL systems is guaranteed to offer you energy-efficient solutions which feature safety shutdown, multiple switching, silent operation, flicker-free light, constant light output and over-temperature and voltage fluctuation protection.Electromagnetic ballasts offer robust and functional performance, saving energy compared to standard ballasts. These products are protected against overheating and feature integrated temperature switches which disable lamps at the end of life. Additional features are particular to each gear and may include digital timer ignitors and IP65 rating. We have categorised the Vossloh Schwabe control gear range according to type; within each section is a detailed list of products with individual specifications including wattage, application and dimensions.

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