35mm Diameter LED GU10 Light Bulbs

Peruse our exciting 35mm Diameter LED's which have been manufactured by a number of leading brands. We are pleased to supply you with a choice of GU10's which are available in a variety of colours including popular Warm White and Cool White. Browse the products in this selection which come in Lumen Ratings from 220 to 250 Lumens, and discover bulbs which will be able to offer you power savings of up to 80% compared to a standard Halogen, making them a great option for the environmentally conscious consumer.

35mm Diameter LED GU10 Light Bulbs Continued

This energy saving collection is extremely versatile, and as such would be ideal for various commercial, domestic and retail applications.

Could Light Bulbs Soon Fight Jet Lag?

Did you know that most white LEDs are not actually white? It’s actually an optical illusion created by using a blue diode with a small amount of yellow light on the tip. These colours complement one another within the light spectrum and seeing them together tricks your brain into believing that it is white light.

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Price Range Reductions on LED GU10 Bulbs from BLT Direct

As the build up to the festive season begins, BLT Direct has launched the first in a series of price reductions with discounts on a number of...

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A halogen lamp, sometimes called quartz or tungsten halogen, is a type of incandescent light source that uses a gas from the halogen element group to give a higher output and longer life span. Some common types of halogen light bulbs include GU10 Lamps and MR16 Light Bulbs.


LED, or Light Emitting Diode is the term used to describe a semiconductor diode that emits light once an electrical current passes through it. In lighting, LED Light Bulbs are a leading energy saving alternative to conventional Halogen or Incandescent Lamps.


Replacing wattage as the standard unit of brightness, Lumens is a new measure introduced with the arrival of energy saving and LED Light Bulbs. This was due to these types of bulbs being able to emit the same amount of light as conventional equivalents, with a greatly reduced power consumption.


Kelvin is a term used to describe the colour temperature, often displayed as just the letter K. Some common colour temperatures are 2700K, 3000K and 6500K, which relate to Very Warm White, Warm White and Daylight Light Bulbs.


The GU10 base is distinguishable by the 2 pins 10mm apart and 'twist and lock' installation. The most popular light bulb of this type is the Halogen 50 Watt Standard GU10 Lamp, however energy saving and LED GU10 Light Bulbs are also available.


An initialism for Surface Mounted Diode, SMD refers to mounted LED chips on PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Surface Mounted LED's were one of the first iterations of LED Light Bulbs.

Beam Angle

Beam Angle refers to the spread of light that comes from a spotlight style light bulb. The most popular beam angle is 36 degree (medium beam angle suitable for most purposes). Also available in spot (12-13 degree) and flood (60 degree).

We offer various beam angles in GU10, MR16 and PAR light bulb styles.

Colour Temperature

Colour temperature, sometimes refered to as CCT (correlated colour temperature), is simply a method of describing the colour characteristics of a light bulb. Colour temperatures range from low (warm/yellowish) type colours all the way up to high (white/bluish) light. 

Colour temperature is measured in "Kelvin" which is explained in more detail below. More information can be found on our colour temperatures example page.


Aurora Lighting are a global manufacturer of energy saving and LED lighting solutions. Founded in 1999 their range of high quality branded products includes Downlights, LED Light Bulbs, LED Tubes, LED Panels and LED Light Fittings.


A socket is a hollow object that is used to contain the light bulb base. Sockets are connected to the electrical supply to transfer the power to the base. There are many types of bases in circulation, some of the most popular include Bayonet, Screw In and GU10s.


Brightness is the term used to describe the effect of luminance on an observer. The maximum brightness is said to be found in Pure White whilst the minimum is expected to be found in Pure Black.

Instant Start

Instant Start is the term used to describe the instantaneous ignition of a light bulb. The term can be used in reference to Control Gear and LED Light Bulbs.