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40 Watt Capsule with Solid Pins 240 Volt G9

40 Watt Capsule with Solid Pins 240 Volt G9
G9 (9mm Apart) Cap Base
G9 (9mm Apart) Cap Base Cap/Base
40 Watt Capsule with Solid Pins 240 Volt G9
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40 Watt Capsule with Solid Pins 240 Volt G9
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This item was discontinued on 16th May, 2018 and is no longer available.

Product Summary

G9 (9mm Apart)
Cap/Base Type
2 Pin
50 mm
Light Bulb Type
Light Colour
Infra Red
Leading Brand
Light Bulb
220-240 Volt
40 W

40 Watt Capsule with Solid Pins 240 Volt G9

from Leading Brand (Model: G9/40)
This Special Halogen G9 Mains Voltage Infrared Capsule lamp is rated at 40 Watts and solid pins and a ceramic base. Halogen capsule lamps are used in display and accent light fixtures providing an extremely compact light source. This is a dimmable lamp with a 2000 hour lamp life.

Technical Specifications

for 40 Watt Capsule with Solid Pins 240 Volt G9

Dimming? Dimmable
Cap/Base G9 (9mm Apart)
Light Colour Infra Red
Finish Clear
Light Bulb Type Capsule
Length 50 mm
Manufacturer Leading Brand
Wattage 40 W
Cap/Base Type 2 Pin
Type Light Bulb
Style Heater Lamp
Voltage 220-240 Volt

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Whats the difference between a G4, G6.35 and G9 Capsule Lamps?

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By (United Kingdom), 24th December, 2011
2nd time for this product again value and rapid delivery

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