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Why You Should Use Daylight Bulbs in the Kitchen

Thu 12th Aug 2021

Lighting can drastically change the atmosphere of any room within the home. Warmer and more dimly lit rooms are instantly more cosy and snug. On the other hand, brightly lit rooms help you to feel more alert, awake, and focused. Which lighting best fits where depends on the tasks you will be carrying out in the space. Bedrooms can survive

Understanding LED Drivers

Thu 12th Aug 2021

An LED driver is an essential part of all LED circuits. It is a self-contained power supply that regulates the amount of power to an LED or an array of LEDs. Without it, your LEDs will become damaged through overheating, leading to poor performance or circuit failure. Here’s a quick look at how LED drivers differ from conventional

How to Choose LED Batten Lights For Your Installation

Fri 19th Mar 2021

There are some technical specifics that are important to take into account, such as an IP65 rating if planning to install outdoors, for example. But here are a few of the more basic considerations that you’ll need to make when choosing a new LED batten

How Has the Batten Evolved Over the Last 10 Years?

Wed 17th Mar 2021

The earliest battens to become available in the UK were created with fluorescent lamps. These lamps relied on mercury vapour to produce an ultraviolet light that generated a visible glow.

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BLT is a leading online supplier of light bulbs, light fittings and specialist lamps, offering a range of lighting solutions to customers around the world.

On our website, customers will find over 20,000 products that are suitable for any lighting project you're working on. Our products include Traditional Incandescent, Halogen, Metal Halide, Compact Fluorescent, Sodium and Mercury Lamps, Fluorescent Tubes, Specialist Lamps and Ballasts and an extensive range of the latest LED products.

Because we are an online business, we've been able to provide our customers with a full range of lighting products at exceptional prices that can be quickly and efficiently delivered to your doorstep.

Our range of products goes from traditional incandescent bulbs and fittings that can be difficult to find elsewhere, to modern energy-efficient solutions, like LED, which deliver long-lasting lighting that's better for the environment.

Lighting expertise

We're known for being an established lighting expert in the UK, and our friendly and experienced customer service team are always on hand to help you out with any questions or queries.

Whether you need advice on the correct bulb, or simply can't find the fitting you were looking for, our expertise means that we can help you get the perfect product, every time.

Call us today, or shop securely online and get one step closer to having the lighting setup of your dreams.

Full range available

At BLT Direct, we stock all of the light bulbs and light fittings you'll ever need to brighten up your home, office or commercial property. Our extensive range of products will help you create an environment that you won't want to leave, whether that's a comfortable and cosy living room, or a bright and optimised workplace.

Not only do we stock a wide array of lighting in a complete range of shapes and sizes, but we also provide you with all the additional fittings you may need to complete a project yourself - without the need to call in the professionals.

Our high-quality and affordable selection will let you unleash your inner interior designer and express your personality to create a truly individual space that perfectly fits your needs. Whether you're into minimal design or want a vintage look, BLT Direct has the perfect solution for you.

We pride ourselves on only stocking products from the most trusted and high-quality manufacturers to ensure that you get the best product possible, every single time. This philosophy has helped us to satisfy over half a million customers who choose to purchase from us again and again for a host of their lighting needs.

Offers and discounts

Although our products are already competitively priced and affordable, we also offer special offers and discounts on certain products to help our customers shop on a budget.

We also ensure that all the fittings we sell are of the highest quality promoting many leading brands and keeping our website up to date with the latest products.