Aluminium Reflector 111mm Halogen Light Bulbs

The exceptional, high performance Aluminium 111mm Halogen Reflector Lamp is an excellent choice for creating brilliant white accent light. These lamps feature a colour rendering of Ra100, are fully dimmable, adding to their versatility and last 3,000 hours, three time that of an incandescent lamp. The aluminium coated reflector substantially reduces the amount of heat radiated to the back of the lamp, thereby making this a perfect choice for ceiling fixture applications.

Aluminium Reflector 111mm Halogen Light Bulbs Continued

Furthermore, this lamp features a grip cap for ease of handling and reduced glare, contains no mercury (aiding disposal) and burns with an axial filament for even light distribution.

The Aluminium reflector has a G53 base and is rated at 35w, 45w, 50w, 75w or 100 watts. It is an optimal choice for general illumination in shops, hotels, restaurants, reception areas, offices and public buildings. In addition to all of the above advantages, these lamps are fitted with a UV filter and can suitable for use in open luminaires.