Aluminium Reflector 56mm Halogen Light Bulbs

Aluminium Halogen Reflector Lamps by their very nature are a high intensity light source that offers exceptional colour rendition, an unrivalled clarity of light and constant lumen maintenance throughout the entire life of the lamp. This category lists our selection of 56mm Halogen Diameter Aluminium Reflector Lamps that operate at 6V or 12 Volts (depending on the lamp) and feature a Small Bayonet Cap (BA15d/SBC).

Aluminium Reflector 56mm Halogen Light Bulbs Continued

Rated at 15w, 25w or 50 watts you also have a choice of beam angles from a 4 degree precision spot beam to a general 25 degree beam.

Although not as energy efficient as an LED reflector lamp the halogen light source still has its own unique advantages; not least of which is the renowned crisp bright light output. Furthermore, compared to an incandescent bulb the halogen uses 20% less energy and lasts twice as long, at 2,000 hours. This is a tried and tested lighting solution perfect for display, accent and directional lighting in a host of domestic, retail and hospitality applications.