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Aluminium Reflector 70mm+ Halogen Light Bulbs

It is not always easy to source specific diameter sized aluminium reflector lamps, so here at BLT Direct we keep a stock of these hard to find items. Here we have the 70mm - 95mm diameter Halogen Aluminium Reflector Lamp in 20W or 50 Watt versions.

This lamp is a low voltage (12V) light source that features a 8 degree or 24 degree beam angle. Although not as energy efficient as an LED reflector lamp the halogen light source still has its own unique advantages; not least of which is the renowned crisp bright light output. Furthermore, compared to an incandescent bulb the halogen uses 20% less energy and lasts twice as long, at 2,000 hours.

The exceptional colour rendering of this lamp lends itself perfectly to display, accent and directional lighting in mainly retail, hospitality and domestic applications. From retail display to museum and gallery lighting and restaurant lighting to decorative domestic lighting, the extremely precise 8 degree spot beam is an excellent choice for highlighting specific objects and areas.