Aquarium, Reptile & Bird Fluorescent Tubes

When replacing Aquarium, Vivarium or Bird fluorescent Tubes it is important to select the correct lamp. To this end we have categorised our range of lamps to assist you in your search. All tubes in this range are manufactured by Arcadia, a brand renowned for the provision of innovative pet care lighting solutions. Each tube is a T8 (25mm diameter) fluorescent with application specific colour temperatures, UV outputs, wattages and lengths.

Aquarium, Reptile & Bird Fluorescent Tubes Continued

The overall range of wattages available is 15 watt to 58 watt with lamp lengths of 450mm to 1500mm. The average life span of these lamps is 10,000 hours and all are energy efficient light sources.

This range of fluorescent tubes is used to display fish, plants and coral at their best, whilst promoting plant growth in Fresh and Saltwater aquariums. Other applications are daylight simulation for reptiles away from their natural environment and the provision of an artificial source of Ultra-Violet light essential for captive birds that do not have exposure to direct sunlight. Full specifications for each replacement lamp are listed on each product page.