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Aurora 24V IP68 LED Flex

Introducing the IP68 Rated Round Top Flex LED Strip Light, a highly flexible lighting solution that is simple to install creating not only functional lighting solutions but stunning light effects too. Accessories and connectors required for installation are included in this category, all individually IP Rated to a maximum of IP67. Primarily designed for outdoor use this LED strip light is also perfectly suitable for marine and boat applications and flood marking.

As a low energy light source the LED is a very cost effective and energy saving solution for a multitude of applications. Saving up to 80% in energy usage compared to a conventional light source and lasting 30,000 hours it really is the way forward for lighting and illumination. The LED strip light featured here requires a 24V LED Driver to run effectively and once installed will give you years of trouble free illumination. For stair edging and floor marking, signage and architectural lighting to retail display and marine lighting this product is a beautiful, practical lighting choice.