Aurora 3 Circuit LED Track Spotlights

The 3 Circuit Track lighting system from Aurora is a versatile and functional light fixture solution that can be fitted with LED, Halogen or HID spotlights. Detailed here is the range of LED spotlights designed to fit and compliment the 3 circuit tracking system. These COB LED track spotlights with a switchable track adaptor offer the latest in LED lighting technology, containing Bridgelux LED light engines and an integrated LED driver that bypasses the requirement for a separate driver.

Aurora 3 Circuit LED Track Spotlights Continued

Installation of these LED spotlights is simple as they run off mains voltage and once fitted are fully adjustable and moveable. The benefits of this track lighting system is the flexibility it offers for retail and commercial applications where light sources need to be moved to account for changes inb design. The LED spotlights are rated at 18W, 34W or 52 Watt with warm to cool white colour temperature options. This is high powered light fixtures that emits a fantastic crisp bright LED light output and are aesthetically pleasing with their white, satin steel or satin silver finishes.