Aurora 3 Circuit Track (Accessories & Spotlights)

Aurora Lighting has developed a functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing track lighting system that is simple to install and offers flexibility at a lighting solution to retail and commercial businesses that require a moveable light source for display purposes. This category highlights the Three Circuit Track together with all associated accessories and connections and spotlights all made for ease of installation. Track lengths come in 1, 2 or 3 metre lengths, whilst connectors come in specific angles.

Aurora 3 Circuit Track (Accessories & Spotlights) Continued

Add suspension rods, and great illumination and the result is a versatile lighting solution. Spotlights come in LED, halogen or HID technologies and wattages ranging from 18w to 70 watts.

The Three Circuit Track is an aluminium track that is extruded to allow for 3 circuits to run at the same time, with the added advantage that each circuit can be individually switched. In a choice of white, stain steel or satin silver finishes each track length is pre-drilled with fixing holes and may be cut to length to facilitate easy installation. This is a robust, cleverly designed track lighting system that is simply styled so as not to detract from the displays the light source is illuminating.