Aurora Dimming System

Aurora Lighting is one of the leading manufacturers of light bulbs, fixtures, lighting controls and accessories, providing an all-encompassing comprehensive range of products that complement one another to achieve the optimum performance levels. One component in the lighting control section of their catalogue is the Aurora Dimming System that is fully compatible with not only Aurora products but all major manufacturers of dimmable electronic transformers and LED drivers.

Aurora Dimming System Continued

Each control panel is suitable for control of leading edge dimmable electronic transformers, triac dimmable LED drivers, triac dimmable LED lamps and tungsten lamps. Further feature include fade/fade out time setting for smooth light transition and built in timer for pre-setting on/off times. The 6 Channel lighting controller comes with an infrared remote control which can also be supplied separately. Attention to detail, the incorporation of latest technologies, whilst maintaining reliability and robustness in each product is what we have discovered when testing and supplying the Aurora Lighting range.