Aurora Halogen Indoor Wall Lights

Wall lights are by their very nature a functional as well as a decorative lighting solution, so it is very important to fit a stylish design that enhances a space rather than detracts from it. This is just what the Aurora indoor wall light does. Each light fitting is aesthetically pleasing in shape and design with a simple aluminium finish. Although classed as an indoor wall light the IP54 Rating and anodised surface for increased corrosion protection enables its use outdoors in protected areas as well as in bathroom applications.

Aurora Halogen Indoor Wall Lights Continued

Furthermore these spotlights are dimmable adding to their versatility as a lighting solution.

Although classified as a halogen fitting these spotlights can be fitted with a compact fluorescent, Hi spot or LED GU10 bulb, giving you the option of significantly reducing energy usage and increasing the life expectancy of the lamp. Wall lights are a versatile lighting solution for a host of applications. This range is suitable for many decorative and accent lighting applications in domestic, commercial and retail applications, contemporary lighting solutions, the illumination of passageways, halls, stairwells and landscapes. Installing a coloured GU10 lamp would further enhance the appeal of this fixture for decorative and atmospheric uses.