Aurora Indoor/Outdoor Wall Lights

A comprehensive and interesting range of Wall Lights that come in a choice of styles, technologies, ratings and colours that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor wall illumination. Wall lights from Aurora serve the purpose of both functionality and from resulting in a great range of wall light fittings that add character and life to interior and exterior applications, whether it is from a simple bulkhead or an integrated plaster light that seamlessly blends into a wall.

Aurora Indoor/Outdoor Wall Lights Continued

The selection of wall lights detailed here incorporate LED, halogen and fluorescent and compact fluorescent technologies. Finishes include classic black, white and stainless steel, as well as contemporary aluminium and even unfinished plaster that can be painted to blend into a wall. Applications for wall lights are wide and varied; theatres, passages, stairwells, walkways, cornices, lobbies, paths, landscapes, swimming pools, architectural, displays, modern and contemporary interiors to name but a few. Built to last every, Aurora wall light uses high quality materials and components to bring to you an excellent fixture that serves a very practical purpose but looks great at the same time.