Aurora IP65 Signage Modules

Aurora Lighting is renowned as a company that is dedicated to producing energy saving lighting products. One of their specialisms is LED lighting technology and to this end they have developed a range of IP65 Signage Modules. These High Output IP65 rated LED Signage Modules are designed to replace fluorescent tubes in box signs, light boxes and advertisement boards to name but a few applications.

Aurora IP65 Signage Modules Continued

This is a dimmable product adding to its versatility as a lighting solution that runs off 12 Volts. An appropriate 12V LED Driver is required to operate this product.

The benefits of converting to LED signage modules from fluorescent tubes include improved uniformity of light output, reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs. This product can be cut between modules for ease of installation in new or retrofit signs and each product comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and industrial grade adhesive backing. This product offers new and exciting possibilities when it comes to signage illumination.