Aurora Large LED Marker Lights (87mm Dia)

Always at the forefront of leading edge LED technology, Aurora Lighting has introduced a range of Larger Recessed Marker lights that measure 87mm in diameter. These visually stunning ground lights come with 2 or 4 light exits on the fitting to create a dispersed light effect that casts illumination in more than one direction. The output of these fixtures is rated at 3 Watts that uses so little power as to be barely noticeable.

Aurora Large LED Marker Lights (87mm Dia) Continued

In fact the beauty of LED lighting, aside from the dazzling light quality, is in its energy efficiency; an LED light source uses up to 90% less energy than a conventional lamp and lasts 30,000 hours, making maintenance and replacement costs a thing of the past.

Marker lights are designed to illuminate borders, pathways, steps, decks and patios, although the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. This selection operates off mains voltage and come complete with a mounting sleeve for solid floor mounting. Each fixture is manufactured from high grade, anti-corrosion coated stainless steel and weatherproof with an IP65 rating.