Aurora Outdoor Bollard Post Lights

Within this section we offer a wide selection of Aurora Outdoor Bollard Post Lights, each with their own wattage rating and light output capabilities, these Post Lights are perfect for use in a variety of locations outdoors for example, Gardens, Patios and Driveways. They dont have to be used Domestically only, they can be used Commercially if needed to. Featuring a IP54 rating, these lamps are powered by 240V mains voltage, we offer a selection of either LED or CFL Bollard Lights that emit a Cool White and a Daylight colour output.

Our circular shaped Bollard Post Lights, are supplied with the appropriate control gear and they emit a Cool White colour rated at 6 watts. Our Square Post Lights offer 3 or 4 watts in a Cool White light as well, and have a integrated LED Driver powering the 3 or 4 LED's in the Post. Lastly in this section we offer our 2 CFL Post Lights which emit a Daylight colour, one is taller than the other offering a different choice in design but outputting the same power. These PLC 2 Pin Bollard Post Lights come with a 13W PL-C lamp and can be easily replaced with a retrofit lamp or replica of the original on our website.