Aurora Plaster Wall Lights

An excellent range of Integrated LED Wall Lights from Aurora Lighting in aesthetically pleasing shapes and finishes. Wall lights from Aurora illustrate that both functionality and great design can be combined to provide great illumination at an affordable cost. An integrated wall light can be directly installed to mains voltage as it incorporates an integrated LED driver; the LEDs is a low voltage light sources so it is necessary to transform mains voltage to a specified mA, voltage or current.

Aurora Plaster Wall Lights Continued

Detailed here are fixed and up/down wall lights constructed from high grade materials with white, satin silver, black or aluminium finishes.

LED wall lights are a versatile lighting solution for a host of applications. This range is suitable for many decorative and accent lighting applications in domestic, commercial and retail applications, contemporary lighting solutions, the illumination of passageways, halls, stairwells and landscapes; this is just a few of many ideas. LED lighting is the most energy efficient environmentally friendly light source on the market, saving up to 80% in energy usage compared to an incandescent lamp and lasting up to 50,000 hours.