Aurora Round Polycarbonate Cabinet Downlights

Cabinet lighting is simply an umbrella term for our extensive and varied selection of downlights, linear lights, fluorescent lamps and more that are designed to illuminate under, in and over cabinets, bookcases, retail displays, recesses and alcoves in domestic, commercial, hospitality and retail applications. This category details Aurora Round Polycarbonate Downlights powered by LED, Halogen and Compact Fluorescent Technologies.

Aurora Round Polycarbonate Cabinet Downlights Continued

Polycarbonate is an extremely robust material that is less expensive to manufacture thereby making these fittings very affordable. Each downlight is coated in a choice of finishes including pressed steel, polished chrome, satin nickel and white giving flexibility for design options. The LED downlight is the most energy efficient option offering a lamp life of 30,000 hours, but each technology has its own advantages. These light fittings are simple to install, very functional and aesthetically pleasing in design. Depending on the model these downlights can be surface or recessed mounted and require a power transformer to run, except for the CFL version that operates directly off mains voltage.