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Aurora Specialist Power Transformers

Attention to detail and the end user is what makes Aurora Lighting stand out as a designer and developer of lighting products. To this end this category is dedicated to Aurora’s range of Specialist Power Transformers. These are not the usual standard transformers but more specific versions. Examples include insulation covered and plug-in dimmable drivers, low profile AMP socket transformers and IP68 Rated electronic transformers (this model is submersible up to 2m).

The LED light source is the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly lighting solution on the market. Simply switching to LED lighting will instantly reduce your energy usage by up to 90%, whilst an LED lamp lasts up to 50,000 hours thereby making lamp replacement and maintenance a dim and distant memory. As LED lamps are a low voltage lighting solution it is necessary to transformer mains voltage to a specified mA, voltage and current, hence the need for Power Transformers.  Each model has a nominal wattage/maximum load that must not be exceeded in order to operate effectively. Common to each unit is overload protection; short-circuit protection and thermal protection plus EMC compliance and safety compliance.