Aurora Triangular Stainless Steel Cabinet Downlights

For an unusual twist on a functional lighting solution why not consider these Triangular Cabinet Dowlights? Powered by a G4 or GX53 Compact Fluorescent lamp these energy saving light fixtures are a great way to add impact to your lighting scheme. Each lamp is constructed from Stainless Steel so you can be sure of a high quality fixture, and rated at 7W or 20 Watts (40W or 100W equivalent).

Aurora Triangular Stainless Steel Cabinet Downlights Continued

Cabinet downlights are a versatile and functional light source that can be used for simple illumination under kitchen cabinets, or for display, accent and decorative lighting effects in bookcases, shelves, alcoves, retail displays and many more similar applications. These downlights come as dimmable or non-dimmable versions and offer an impressive lamp life of 6000 hours, whilst using 60% less energy than a conventional light source to run. We also stock triangular 13 Amp switched sockets that fit seamlessly with your triangular downlights for continuity of design.