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BAG Non-Dimmable CFL Ballasts

Introducing an extensive product range of BAG Non-Dimmable CFL Ballast featuring Twingle Technology that offers optional operation of 1 or 2 lamps. These ballasts are an energy-efficient alternative to magnetic ballasts with a nominal service life of a very impressive 50,000 hours. In addition to operation with compact fluorescent lamps this gear is also compatible with T5, T8 and Tc Linear lamps of varying specific wattages.

Within this catalogue are electronic control gear units for T5, T8 and CFL compact lamps with system ratings of below and above 25 Watts. The units for use up to 25W boast flicker free light due to high frequency operation of the lamp and no stroboscopic effect and a small ergonomic housing design. The 25W and above ballasts offer constant lamp output independent of mains voltage fluctuations, safety switch-off in case of abnormal operation and overvoltage protection up to 350 VAC/2 h. All models feature automatic restart after lamp replacement and an A12 energy rating.