Bathroom Zone Guide

Lighting Guide
The zones indicated on the drawing below give you a guide to what resistance to water your fitting should have if fitted in any of these areas. Lighting is given a rating called an IP rating, which indicates its resistant to water. The higher the rating the more water resistant the fitting.

This image illustrates where IP fittings can be placed in bathrooms

Zone 0 - IP68 (submersible)

Inside a bathing area of a bath. Lights are sometimes used to illuminate whirlpool baths and spas.

All fittings should be 12 volt and there should be a safety source such as a cut-out switch which should be fitted outside these zones.

Zone 1 - IP65 (jetproof) down to IP 44 (splashproof)

Where there is no shower head or rail over the bath IP 44 (splashproof) should be safe enough, although a fitting should never be touched with wet hands. Inside a shower or bath where there is a shower head or demountable shower handset fittings should be IP 65 (jetproof) or more.

Zone 2 - IP44 (splashproof)

If there is no danger of a direct jetspray being accidently applied to the fitting, IP 44 (splashproof) or greater is required in this area.

NOTE: in areas of high humidity, such as saunas and steam rooms, be safe and stick to at least IP 68 rated fittings.

THE ABOVE INFORMATION IS INTENDED AS A SIMPLE GUIDE ONLY. BLT Direct takes no responsibility for incorrectly installed luminaires.