Bollard Lights

A range of Bollard Lights manufactured by Collingwood. These LED bollard lightsare available in a quality iroko wood or stylish anodised metal. IP65 Rated, meaning they are 'totally protected against dust and against low pressure jets of water from all directions,' Collingwood Bollard Lights contain high power Luxeon LEDs, and due to the cleverly designed cut angles, look fantastic when approaching from any direction.

Bollard Lights Continued

Applications for these tasteful LED bollard lights include path/driveway lighting, gardens, entrances, boundary and car park lighting, or as stand-alone garden features. As with all LED lighting Bollard Lights have low power consumption and long life making them cost and energy efficient.

Colour temperatures; Amber, Red, Blue, Green, White and Warm White.
Wattages; 1w and 3 watt.