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Butterfly DD Compact 4 Pin 38 Watt

Saving up to 80% in energy usage compare to an incandescent light source the Butterfly DD Compact Fluorescent Lamp is an increasingly popular lighting solution for a number of domestic, commercial and retail applications. The energy efficiency of this lamp extends to the lamp life which is 10 times that of an incandescent bulb, at 10,000 hours. Further benefits are those associated with compact fluorescent lamps in general i.e. excellent colour rendering and high lumen efficacy.

The 38 Watt Butterfly CFL comes with a 4 pin GR10q base, a simple to install push/fit cap and a choice of White or Very Warm White colour temperatures. The distinct slim, flat shape of this luminaire results in a uniform spread of light eliminating shadows making it the ideal lighting solution for room illumination, particularly in shallow compact light fixtures. This could be in public buildings, offices, corridors, hotels, department stores and industry. This lamp is suitable for operation on conventional control gear and is overall a reliable high quality light source that is energy efficient and economical to buy and operate. This lamp is not a retrofit an incandescent; it is a specialist lamp only to be used in an appropriate fitting.