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Butterfly DD Compact 4 Pin 55 Watt

Compared to an incandescent light source the Compact Fluorescent Lamp offers savings of 80% in energy consumption and a prolonged lamp life, together with superior colour rendering and high lamp efficacy. The range of CFLs on the market is huge and one such lamp is the Butterfly DD CFL. This category details the 55 Watt 4 pin GR10q Butterfly compact fluorescent that has become a very popular choice when it comes to ceiling and wall fixtures.

Please note this specialist lamp is not a retrofit for an incandescent bulb; it can only be fitted into an appropriate light fitting.

The beauty of the 2D lamp is defined by its shape; this is a slim, low profile light source designed for shallow luminaires. This lamp uniformly distributes light eliminating shadows and dark areas wherever it is installed. Measuring 207mm x 205mm x 35mm (l x w x d) it will fit neatly in recessed and surface mounted fixtures and quietly do its job! Often found in public buildings, offices, corridors, hotels, department stores and industry this lamp is suitable for operation on conventional control gear and is overall a reliable high quality light source that is energy efficient and economical.