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Candle Shaped Covers

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The Halogen Bell G9 Adaptor is specifically designed to create a fixture that replaces an incandescent light source with an energy saving halogen alternative. Once you have chosen and fitted the adaptor simply select the shape of light bulb you require and screw into place! There is a good choice of lamp shapes to choose from, each aesthetically pleasing.

This section highlights the Candle Shaped Cover in a choice of standard candle or flame tipped candle design. Each bulb measures 35mm in diameter and 75mm (standard) or 110mm (flame tipped) in length. We stock this cover in clear or opal/softone finishes and once installed you will not notice the difference to a traditional candle bulb, aside from the energy you will save and the extended lamp life a halogen light source offers. This lamp can be used for the same applications as a traditional candle lamp i.e. decorative lighting such as chandeliers, pendant lights and wall sconces.