LED CFL Replacement (Long) GU10 Light Bulbs

In this range we offer a selection of LED GU10 bulbs designed for older light fittings. These lamps replace the conventional CFL, or Energy Saving, GU10 Lamps due to dimensions matching that of their aformentioned counterparts. The result has been a variety of bulbs that offer all the energy saving benefits of LED technology, without the need to replace current fittings.

LED GU10 Technology Latest

One of the most popular light bulb in recent years has been the halogen GU10 originally made by Sylvania. This lamp came on to the market as a genuine replacement for the low voltage dich...

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Could Light Bulbs Soon Fight Jet Lag?

Did you know that most white LEDs are not actually white? It’s actually an optical illusion created by using a blue diode with a small amount of yellow light on the tip. These colours complement one another within the light spectrum and seeing them together tricks your brain into believing that it is white light.

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LED, or Light Emitting Diode is the term used to describe a semiconductor diode that emits light once an electrical current passes through it. In lighting, LED Light Bulbs are a leading energy saving alternative to conventional Halogen or Incandescent Lamps.


Replacing wattage as the standard unit of brightness, Lumens is a new measure introduced with the arrival of energy saving and LED Light Bulbs. This was due to these types of bulbs being able to emit the same amount of light as conventional equivalents, with a greatly reduced power consumption.


The GU10 base is distinguishable by the 2 pins 10mm apart and 'twist and lock' installation. The most popular light bulb of this type is the Halogen 50 Watt Standard GU10 Lamp, however energy saving and LED GU10 Light Bulbs are also available.