Control Gear Units for HS and HI Lamps 35-150W

Explore these Units which have been designed for use with HS and HI products between 35-150W, and discover the perfect Control Gear Unit. We are able to offer a vast range suitable for use with lighting products of 35 Watts, 70 Watts, 100 Watts, and 150 Watts. This selection incorporates a number of essential features such as intelligent thermal cut-out with automatic reset, along with a digital timer and compensation capacitor. These characteristics come together to make this a high performance unit.

Control Gear Units for HS and HI Lamps 35-150W Continued

You are certain to find the ideal choice for all of your High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide and Ceramic Discharge Lamps in this collection. This is a reliable item which has been developed and produced by Vossloh Shwabe.