CV4 LED Light Bulbs

Browse our range of Girard Sudron CV4 LED Light Bulbs for your perfect low energy light fitting from Girard Sudron. We have CV4 LED Bulbs available in Clear, Amber and Matt Satin finishes. These LED bulbs are rated at 2 Watts, and are E14 Cap/Base type.

CV4 LED Light Bulbs Continued

This is a high specification selection of bulbs which has been handcrafted by Girard Sudron in France as the perfect range of bulbs for decorative light fittings such as chandeliers and pendant light fittings. This low energy and yet attractive and high specification range of Girard Sudron bulbs has been designed to offer a low energy replacement to the traditional incandescent. Other advantages associated with this product range include a much longer lamp life than traditional incandescent bulbs; these bulbs can last up to 25 times longer than the traditional incandescents that they have been designed to replace. Quality range of low energy bulbs for all of your decorative applications.