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Daylight Light Bulbs & Fluorescent Tubes

Do you wish to see colours and detail more clearly? Reduce eyestrain and headaches working in artificial light? Then look at our excellent range of daylight 6500 Kelvin simulation light bulbs. From energy saving to incandescent and compact fluorescent to LED lamps you are sure to find the daylight light bulb you require here at BLT Direct.

What are the benefits of using daylight bulbs?

  1. You will see colours much more clearly and everything will appear more life-like, ensuring you see colours accurately, anytime of the day or night which is essential for best colour matching. There are several different types of daylight simulation light bulbs but one thing that they all have in common is that they appear far ‘whiter’ than ordinary light bulbs and have a higher Ra (colour rendering). Ordinary light bulbs give off a very yellow light and although your eyes easily become accustomed to this, you do not see colours in the same way as you do in natural daylight.

  2. Daylight light bulbs have been shown to lessen eye strain and headaches. Scientists have found that living or working in a more naturally-lit environment improves general wellbeing and improves academic performance in students and concentration in the work place whilst also lessening fatigue.

  3. Daylight lighting significantly increases contrast and helps to make reading easier and enables you to see intricate details and finest designs with ease

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