Dichroic MR16 Halogen Light Bulbs 5000 Hour Version

Introducing the energy efficient Long Life Halogen MR16 Closed Fronted Lamp, an ideal alternative to a standard halogen MR16 or incandescent bulb. This ‘long life’ light source offers a 5,000 hour lamp life, more than twice as long as a standard halogen bulb and five times longer than an incandescent. Switching to this bulb will save up to 30% in energy consumption.

Dichroic MR16 Halogen Light Bulbs (50mm Diameter) 5000 Hour Version Continued

This MR16 is a low voltage lamp operating at 12v or 24 volts and featuring a Warm White colour temperature. Rated at 20-75 watts and in a choice of beam angles this is a versatile reliable bulb featuring excellent colour rendering and constant lumen maintenance throughout the life of the lamp. This is a high intensity lamp that emits a stunning halogen glow. Overall a high performance lamp ideal for general illumination, accent and display lighting, in restaurants, hotels, shops, offices, corridors and the home. All at a very affordable price!