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Economy Dichroic MR16 Halogen Light Bulbs 2000 Hour Version

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The Economy Halogen MR16 Closed Fronted Lamp offers high light output, precision lighting and reliability all at a very low cost. The quality of the lamp is not compromised by the price, so if you are looking for a solid entry level MR16 this is a great choice. These are low voltage lamps operating at 12v, 24v or 28 volts. Low voltage ensures low electricity consumption which combined with a lamp life twice that of an incandescent and a higher light output makes for a good alternative.

These standard MR16 halogen bulbs are rated at 10-75 watts and feature a Warm White colour temperature. Furthermore you have a choice of beam angles ranging from 13 – 60 degrees. This lamp features constant luminous intensity and colour throughout the life of the lamp, whilst the dichroic reflector reduces the amount of heat in the light beam by 66%, helping to keep the lamp cooler than a tungsten halogen bulb. This excellent value bulb is suitable for directional general domestic lighting applications such as recessed downlights, pendant lights and desk lamps.