LED GLS (Classic Shape) Light Bulbs

The incandescent GLS (General Lamp Shape) light bulb was the mainstay of domestic lighting for many years. Since the ban on these energy wasting lamps came into force it has been difficult to find an energy saving alternative for the traditional Classic Shape. These LED GLS light bulbs are a direct retrofit replacement for a conventional incandescent GLS lamp, with all the benefits LED lighting has to offer. These lamp come with colour temperatures varying from 2700K Very Warm White to 6500K Daylight, Opal or Clear finishes and in dimmable or non-dimmable versions.

LED Classic Shape Light Bulbs Continued

Using between 4-14 watts of electricity (40 to 100 watt incandescent equivalents) these classic shape bulbs instantly reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. Add to this the 25,000 hour lamp life, which minimises lamp replacement costs, and you have an extremely cost effective energy saving light source with the familiarity of the traditional GLS shape. The GLS LED is ideally suited to domestic and commercial applications where a soft, subtle light output is required.