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Electrical Accessories

If your looking to add the finishing touch, or need some equipment to make a job hassle-free, then you've come to the right place. BLT Direct's expansive range of electrical accessories covers an array of different styles and types of accessories, each designed to be used in a range of applications. From Dencon fuses to our collection of chrome, brass and black sockets and switches, we can provide high-quality electrical accessories at great prices. Browse our categories below, each filled with multiple options from trusted brands, to find the best lighting solution for you.

What are the electrical accessories and how do I use them?

Find below a list of the electrical accessories that we stock and a brief introduction to their function.

Batteries:  Used to power electrical equipment. We have a selection for common domestic uses or specific industrial applications.

Cables: Cables are used to create a connection between two different appliances and transfer electrical signals between the two.

Cable clips: Designed to keep cable neat and manageable by securing it against a floor, wall or ceiling.

Connectors and Trailing Sockets: Used to connect two types of cable together to create a longer total length.

Extensions, Plug-in Sockets & Powerhubs: Power hub towers are to be a hub for multiple plugs without needing multiple wall-mounted sockets.

Fuses: A fuse protects the components of an electrical circuit by melting and severing the connection when a flowing current is too powerful. 

Junction Boxes: Junction Boxes enclose electrical wire connections and prevent short circuits which can cause fires.

Telephone, TV & SAT Outlet Sockets: These sockets are designed for TV, Telephone and SAT cables to plug straight in.

Metal and Dry Lining Boxes: Metal/Drylining boxes are installed in plasterboard walls and ceilings to incase electrical components while maintaining a flush finish for a socket or switch.

Pendants & Ceiling Roses: These pendants and ceiling roses are designed to be mounted onto a ceiling, allowing the bulb to hang.

Terminal Strips & Blocks: A terminal block is a type of insulated electrical connector that connects or secures two or more wires together.

Light Switches & Sockets: A collection of light switches and sockets that are available in a range of finishes and styles.

Light Sensors: A light sensor is an add-on accessory that is designed to activate a light fitting once it sensors movement or heat.