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ELP Control Gear

A range of ELP Control Gear Kits and Modules that comprise of a high quality emergency lighting inverter module and the appropriate battery pack. This emergency conversion equipment is designed for fluorescent lamps with wattage ranges of 9-36W, 9-58W and 9-80 Watts.

We supply ECK and OM versions of this gear; the ECK units are suitable for all ballast types including high frequency and dimming; the OM Module ELP Control Gear range has been designed to suit all emergency lighting applications requiring inverter/battery kits to be integrated into modern mains voltage luminaires.

In case of mains voltage failure, emergency systems supply an artificial light used as safety lighting, for example, escape routes, hazardous workplaces and anti-panic areas. Additionally emergency lighting is used as stand-by lighting for areas in which normal activities must be continued such as in hospitals, schools, offices and retail outlets.